“Hey, you there!”

… yes, you. The copywriter reading this page. With the ‘Eugene Schwartz Is My Homeboy’ coffee mug. Hi.

Come on, now, come a little closer. Don’t be shy. Yes, that’s the way.

Say now, friend, have you ever heard the legend of …

Daniel Throssell’s

Email Copywriting Compendium?!?

… No?

You haven’t? 

Well, you’re in for a treat … because lucky for you, that’s exactly what this page is all about!

Here is the deal
(and the deal is real):

My name is Daniel Throssell.

Many well-known copywriters call me “The Copywriter in the Hathaway Shirt”.


… okay, so I just made that up.

Nobody calls me that.

But, they DO call me some other things:

“Daniel, in my opinion, is one of the best copywriters in the world right now.”

Scott Pape

Author of The Barefoot

Investor, the bestselling book in Australian history

“One of Australia’s top copywriters”

Ben Settle

Email Copywriting Expert

“Daniel is a damn serious — and damn good — practitioner of the copywriting arts.”

David Garfinkel

The World’s Greatest

Copywriting Coach & host of the Copywriters Podcast

“Very impressive.”

Ramit Sethi

#1 NYT Bestselling Author

“If you’re looking for master copywriters to study … Daniel Throssell should be on your short list.”

Roy Furr


“Actually really funny … and he’s doing some innovative stuff, style-wise that I haven’t seen before.”

Chris Orzechowski

Email Copywriter

“He’s been called the best copywriter in Australia and I’m not going to disagree.”

John McIntyre

“The Autoresponder Guy”

“A top email copywriter”

Kim Krause Schwalm

A-list Copywriter

“There is nothing new under the sun, they say, but on Monday I saw something entirely new in the realm of copywriting. I suggest you study [Daniel’s email] carefully. It astonished me.”

Drayton Bird

Ex-Worldwide Creative Director & Vice Chairman, Ogilvy & Mather

“Dan this is BRILLIANT. Brillliant. Exceptional! You’ve hit it out of the park.”

Mia Freedman

Founder of the Australian Mamamia media empire

“I love the way you approach copy … and the cool new IP you’re bringing to the industry.”

Lukas Resheske

Email copywriter

“I seriously think you might be the best copywriter in the game right now.”

Robert Allen

Copywriter for I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Dr. Axe & Jumpcut

Either way, it doesn’t really matter, because you probably wouldn’t be reading this page if you didn’t have at least some inkling of who I am.

The main point is this:

I’ve created what I believe is one of the quickest, most advanced & most affordable email copywriting courses in the world, called the …

Let me explain.

I say it’s one of the quickest courses you can take … because you can finish the whole thing in as little as 30 minutes.

I say affordable … because the Compendium costs a measly $101. That shouldn’t break the bank.

And I say advanced, because much of the information inside is not contained in ANY copywriting course you can find anywhere else …

… even for 10x the price I’m charging.

And the reason for that is:

The advanced copywriting secrets I am ‘giving away’ inside my Email Copywriting Compendium will show you …

My totally NEW & super FUN way to write sales emails SO GOOD … people literally send you FAN MAIL along with their money!

I’m not kidding, either.

If you are on my email list, you’ve seen this already.

But if not, let me show you.

Here are just a handful of the kind of replies I get to my sales emails, from paying customers:

“I’d be on your list even if you never had anything to sell, just for the entertainment”

“You make me automatically unsubscribe from so many other lists because you are my new standard”

“Better than Netflix”

“The first thing I do each day is impulsively read your email 3x”

“Yours is the only email I look forward to”

“The best email I’ve read this week”

“I’m totally addicted to your emails”

“Where did you learn to write like that?”

“I’ve subscribed to so many lists but yours takes the creme”

“Easily the best Black Friday campaign in the world”

“Is it weird I get excited as I read your emails and think ‘how is this going to turn into a pitch’?”

(By the way, want to get these emails for yourself? You can opt in for my email list at the link below)

But my new, fun way of writing sales emails doesn’t just get fan mail …

It makes sales. LOTS of sales. 🤑

Okay, so that emoji is very disgusting and bro-marketer-ish and I’m sorry

But, it’s true:

Using my new, fun way of writing sales emails …

I’ve managed to out-sell or out-promote a TON of much ‘bigger’ names in the copywriting world …

Despite having (at least, at the time) a much smaller email list than ALL of them!

Such is the power of my new, fun way of writing sales emails.

See how many of the names below you recognise …

In December 2020 I used my techniques to outsell John McIntyre, Roy Furr & Derek Johanson (only Ian Stanley beat me, and that took a list TEN TIMES the size of mine) …

… then in February 2021, I used my techniques again to out-promote Chris Orzechowski, Troy Ericson, Shiv Shetti, Chase Dimond & others …

… and again in March 2021 to out-sell Kim Krause Schwalm, Jon Buchan & Ning Li

…and again in June 2021 to out-sell Drayton Bird, Adil Amarsi, Jacob McMillen, Jay White & many others…

…and again for Black Friday 2021 to make more sales than Matt Bockenstette, Ian Stanley (who’d beaten me the year before), Rob Marsh, Lukas Resheske, Rob Allen, and everyone else … combined.

(I think I burned a few bridges with the scale of this one. I don’t think anyone wants to play with me anymore.)

As you can see … my new, fun approach to sales emails keeps taking ‘scalps’ from giants in the copywriting world, ALL with bigger email lists than mine!

Now please don’t get me wrong … I’m being kinda tongue-in-cheek there.

I’m personal friends with many of these copywriters, and in many cases I was also trying a lot harder.

But you can’t deny … my methods for writing emails obviously work.

And the good news is:

In my Email Copywriting Compendium … I give you my ENTIRE philosophy on this ‘new, fun way’ I write every one of my own sales emails.

Yep. In the Email Copywriting Compendium …

I will show you how to ‘tap into’ a stream of unlimited email ideas …

How to turn those ideas into killer, story-based sales emails that, in some cases, people literally get addicted to reading …

And how to do all this practically ‘on demand’ for yourself or your clients!

Simply spending 30 minutes reading the Email Copywriting Compendium once can be enough to permanently ‘upgrade’ your email copywriting skills for life …

Though for maximum effect you’ll want to read through it over and over:

What’s more:

When you discover my new, fun way of writing emails inside the Compendium … you’ll finally be able to STOP worrying about annoying copywriting problems like:

Basically, once you read the Compendium …

You’ll be able to forget most of what everyone else said you were ‘supposed’ to do when you write sales emails … and you’ll have a lot more fun, too!

But wait … what exactly *is* the Email Copywriting Compendium?”

… oh, right.

Yeah, that is probably a question I should answer on this sales page 😁

To be precise, the Email Copywriting Compendium is not like any other copywriting ‘course’ you’ve taken.

The entire course is delivered inside one chunky pdf which you can print out and read over coffee.

There are no ‘video modules’. There are no ‘exercises’. There are no ‘worksheets’. There is no ‘Facebook community’.

Heck, there isn’t even really a defined order to go through it.

Instead, what you’ll find in the Compendium is a collection of 101 highly effective ‘rules’ for writing emails.

I actually originally wrote it with the following question in mind:

“If I could send ONE letter to my past self, condensing everything I know NOW about email copywriting … and it had to bring me as close as possible to my current skill level, as quickly as possible … what would I say?”

The answer was … the Email Copywriting Compendium.

Hence, the ‘quick-access’ format of 101 ‘rules’.

“I was skeptical at it being a pdf download, but you were 100% right — it’s no fluff, all content”

There’s no complex fluff … no pointless stories … no ‘intro’ videos … or anything.

Every single rule is written to ‘get in … deliver the lesson … and get out’.

You don’t have to follow it in order. You can start wherever you like. You can read them a few at a time, or all at once. It’s extremely easy to read.

Here’s a selection of the 101 rules you will find inside the Compendium:

Why email stories should NOT be about “telling what happened”! (Rule #30)

Let’s take a Gary Halbert-style break here to riff on this one.

Rule #30 in my Compendium is called:

“The Sitcom Secret Behind Telling Great Stories In Emails”

And … it’s one of the most important rules in my email philosophy.

See, there is a CRITICAL element of email storytelling that you must have if you want to build a relationship long-term with your audience.

The devious thing is, even though you need this thing for email storytelling … it actually IS possible to just tell a good story without it. So most people don’t even realise they’re not doing it.

What’s more, I can almost guarantee nobody has ever taught this to you before. Because it’s something I learned from my own observation, and not from any book or course. And it sure as heck isn’t obvious in any way.

Thankfully, though, it’s not actually that hard to learn or use.

And in Rule #30, I tell you everything you need to know about it.

Here are more of the mind-bending copywriting insights you’ll find inside the Compendium …

A very “politically incorrect” strategy for making even your most hostile enemies accept your ideologies without blinking! (Rule #72)

Let’s break again to dig into this one a little more.

The name of Rule #72 is actually:

“_____ Is A Great Disguise For Hard Sales Tactics”

I can’t tell you the words from the start of the sentence as it would give away the rule. (Sorry, sales page and all.)

But, this is one of the most POWERFUL techniques I have ever discovered for selling full-throttle to my email list … in fact, much harder than almost anyone else I have ever seen … and yet having them LOVE me for it.

In other words, using this technique can almost completely insulate you against looking “salesy” in your emails, no matter how hard you actually sell.

But … this technique is actually much MORE than just a sales technique.

In fact, it’s incredibly powerful as a general persuasion technique … and it’s even being deployed in full force on both sides of the culture wars we face in the West today. It’s used both by the proponents of “woke” culture, AND by some who call it out.

Either way, whether you choose to use it for more nefarious purposes or not, you can certainly use it in your sales emails.

And it’ll change people from getting mad at your constant selling … to loving you for it.

Here are even MORE of the incredible copywriting secrets you will find inside the Compendium, should you choose to buy it …

But before you buy, there are THREE major downsides you must understand:


1. This is NOT a “paint-by-numbers” course that shows you how to do everything (or anything) step-by-step.

By that I mean:

The Compendium does not contain any “swipes”, “templates”, “formulas”, or “step-by-step instructions” for writing emails.

This is a set of tried-and-tested rules I have devised for writing emails that I believe — if you follow them — can help you write arguably the most entertaining, engaging, and profitable emails in your (or your client’s) industry or niche.

But it’s not going to take you by the hand and say “first write these words, then write these words”.

It’s also not a “beginner” course on copywriting. Don’t get me wrong, beginners SHOULD know this stuff. But it doesn’t waste any time on copywriting basics (“talk about your reader’s needs more than yourself” etc.) which you can find on plenty of good websites for free.

So if you are not already on a few copywriting email lists, or at least kind of familiar with the general idea of how sales emails work, it might not be for you yet.

(Note: if you are on *my* email list, and regularly read my emails, you can disregard this last line — since the Compendium is so closely aligned with the way I do emails, they will give you an excellent ‘case study’ that will illustrate all the principles in ‘real-time’.)

2. The Compendium comes as a pdf file delivered by my Persuasive Page mobile app, and you will need a smartphone to access it (though you can send it to your computer from there).

After you order, you will be directed to install my app (if you don’t have it already) on your smartphone or iPad.

Setup is extremely easy — under a minute in most cases — although you’ll need a phone handy to receive a code via SMS.

If you want to print the pdf, you can then share it from your phone/iPad to your computer. But you will NOT get a direct link to a pdf download for your computer.

If this bothers you, please do not buy the Email Copywriting Compendium.

Either way, please don’t bother emailing me telling me about why I “won’t be making a sale from you” for this rule. To be frank, I already don’t make sales from 99.99% of the world’s population. Join the line.

Besides, I have my reasons for delivering it this way, just like you presumably have your reasons for … well … not using a smartphone. 

3. There are no change-of-mind refunds on this product.

So please make sure you have read and understand this sales letter — especially the previous two points.

If you have any doubts whatsoever, I recommend you don’t buy now, and follow along with my emails until you’ve seen for yourself that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to email copywriting.

Otherwise, you can grab your copy of the Email Copywriting Compendium using the button below.

As mentioned at the top of this sales letter (yes, it’s so well-priced I didn’t need to do the “price anchoring” thing), the Compendium is just $101.